I have had a professional working relationship with PK for coming up to 14 years now. Being involved in strength and conditioning for over 20 years, I have seen many swim coaches in their environment, on the side of the pool. In all that time I have not seen a coach with as much knowledge or attention to detail from hydration, nutrition, visualisation, stretching, strength & conditioning, dryland programmes, technique in the pool, energy systems; Paul leaves nothing chance. His programme are scientific and tailored to the individual at the elite level. I have no hesitation in saying Paul has learned from the best coaches and continues to upskill, researching all the time! Simply he is the best NZ has as a coach.


Rod Fielder, Director, Power of Two, Auckland, New Zealand 2014


Paul is amongst the most talented swim coaches we have in Auckland. He is passionate about all that he does and genuinely does all he can to ensure his athletes achieve. He is an outstanding technician and understands better than most the importance of technical ability and stroke mechanics as key components to faster swimming. As with most passionate people, if one was looking for faults they are there to be found. Whatever those faults maybe they are offset by Paul's genuine commitment and passion for swimming faster and better. If you are looking for out of the box thinking in coaching then Paul is likely to be your man.


Paul was awarded the Auckland Swimming Association Service Award in 2011 for his dedication and service to this sport. 

Brian Palmer, Chief Executive Officer, Auckland Swimming 2012


I have known Paul for some time now and am not surprised at the success he is having. He is and always has been passionate about swimming, and as someone who does not do things by half measures, he will leave no stone unturned in his quest to get the best results out of himself as a coach and his athletes.
Paul's experience as an Olympic level athlete and a well considered philosphy on modern training techniques both in the water as well as the gym will ensure that the athletes that are being produced our of their Auckland facilities will be ready to challenge on the international stage, but something tells me they will go beyond the challenge!

Well done!! You have already made a big impact and I am sure that your success and numbers will continue to grow with the support that you are providing to elite swimming.
I will enjoy watching from a distance as international success becomes imminent. 


Paul Hardman, Olympic Swimming Coach, Australia 2011

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